Document & eDocument Management Services

  • Storage
  • Retrieval
  • Scanning
  • Reference
  • Format Conversion
  • Back up & Recovery
  • Indexing
  • Analysis

Traditional paper business serves a marketplace whereby it provides a value proposition to the end customer:

  • Secure & Safe
  • Accessible
  • Data protection
  • Meets regulatory requirements for retention
  • Reduces storage space
  • Cost effective storage, indexation
  • Evidential chain of control

The above is derived as a result of:

  • Physical security and business process
  • Economies of scale in storage and processing
  • Core competence in document management.
  • Retrieval of original versions

In the move to the Digital domain, the same propositions must be in place but they must cover the digital process and content.

  • Digital security for service provider stored and processed content
  • Digital security for returned digital content.
  • Indexation and Analysis (Faster & Cheaper)
  • Storage, Search and retrieval (Faster & Cheaper)
  • Regulatory compliance ecommerce (confirm provenance and unaltered)
  • Data protection compliance (Access & Distribution)
  • Cost effective storage, retrieval, processing and analysis. (Faster, Cheaper and more comprehensive)
  • Evidential chain of control (locked down, audit trail, records, verification)

The above is derived from:

  • Knowledge, experience and processes for handling traditional paper documents
  • Hardware technology for scanning, conversion, storage and retrieval
  • Software technology for indexation, analysis, processing and security
  • Introduction of new services and processes.

The move to the digital world must co-exist with legacy paper based business, carry forward the features and propositions that traditionally exist and deliver the new value propositions the digital world can provide without compromising on compliance, security and confidentiality.

The Digiprove Value Proposition to the Document & eDocument business

Fundamentally Digiprove is an enabling technology, it’s the glue that allows the adoption of new hardware and software technologies and processes, and it is the technology that enables the preservation of traditional values of safety, security and compliance in the move to digital, while mitigating the new risks that arise as a result of digital systems.

Digiprove creates irrefutable evidence of content at the point digital content enters or is created in the business/service process. It does this by establishing a digital fingerprint and a certificate of provenance and authenticity which can be verified at any time on or off line, thus guaranteeing the integrity of that content. This process can be repeated at any point or multiple points in the digital process should it be required. There is a forensic chain for the digital evidence created.

Digiprove Value Proposition

  • Digital content security & safety
  • Forensic chain of digital evidence locked down
  • Anytime & anyplace verification of digital content provenance, integrity and authenticity.
  • Independent digital security certification
  • Compliance with Industry, Legal, Data protection & e Commerce Act
  • Core Business Benefits enabled (Faster, Cheaper, Richer Document processing and analysis) through the use of a full range of digital technologies.

What's in it for the end customer for digital document services:

  • Assurance once they hand over control of digital data or paper data for conversion to digital that they will always be able to verify its integrity and authenticity.
  • Assurance that the admissibility of any of their digital content as evidence for legal, regulatory compliance or business decisions can be verified.
  • Ability to reduce or eliminate dependence of physical paper records and processing.
  • Faster, better and cheaper management of information for any business purpose.

Without Digiprove

  • Digital document content cannot be proven as an exact representation of the original content beyond all doubt.
  • It is costly and time consuming to identify if digital content has been tampered with.
  • It may be difficult to get a 3rd party to accept the provenance, integrity and authenticity of the document.
  • Dilution of the cost and flexibility benefits that can be derived from the digital world