Digiprove Finance

The finance department is concerned with many critical functions in the business; not only does it have operational roles in supporting the business it also has legal and compliance requirements. Finance is probably the most scrutinised function in the business both internally and externally. In many organisations, finance are the keepers of the “trust” in the business. Finance has to ensure there are adequate and effective controls on the costs, revenues and cash within a business. Finance has statutory reporting requirements. The authenticity, integrity and trust for stakeholders are paramount when financial data and reports are presented.

The finances of a business are its life blood but can often be the most exposed to risk and fraud or misinterpretation. Financial records and systems are now underpinned by IT applications which can be as simple as Excel spreadsheets or full ERP systems. Day to day decisions made by members of the organisation are regularly made by reference to financial data, as are decisions by investors, bankers, buyers, customers and partners. So trust in the integrity of the data presented is critical. Digital content is easy to manipulate and change so it is essential that critical digital content within the financial processes is beyond reproach and can be taken as presented as trustworthy either for day to day decisions or more critical ones.

Finance is also driven by time sensitive information which can impact costs, revenues and share price so again critical documents and information must be secured as authentic at the time of creation and use, whether it is time cards, stock records, expense reports, invoices, cash flow etc.

Digiproves Autoprotect complements the systems and documents used to manage the company’s financial health by bringing trust and the ability to confirm the authenticity and integrity of financial records.