Independent Software Vendors

Your software whether packaged or bespoke brings to your clients the benefits of automation and the flexibility of digital content. These benefits are indirect when you consider the primary drivers are likely to be Improve Financial Performance, Customer or Citizen Service, or carry out tasks that would not be practical to carry out manually.

Software Applications or Information systems are central to the creation and flow of information in every aspect of business life today, they support every function in the business and decision making at every level from the front line or shop floor up to the board room and for external parties.

Your business is providing these software products and IT solutions to your clients and they are central to their business processes, legal and regulatory compliance. So why is there so much emphasis on printing and signed paper records? The answer is “Trust”. Digital data & content can be easily manipulated accidentally or maliciously even with what would be perceived as good IT security. A professional malicious hacker can circumnavigate most standard security and the use of elaborate security solutions can be very costly and make usability an issue.

How do you bring trust to the digital content your application creates, handles or uses, in a simple cost effective manner?

If your software ticks all the boxes below, then you have a compelling proposition; if you don’t tick all the boxes then you can benefit by doing a quick free integration of Digiprove technology or alternatively by installing and configuring Autoprotect from Digiprove. Thus you can secure the trust of any user or 3rd party in the information your solution provides.

  • Provenance of any digital content can be established (Origin)
  • Digital content can be verified as it is used or at any time on and off line (Tamper evidence)
  • There are tamperproof & auditable logs of content history (Life cycle events)
  • Content does not leave its operating environment (Remains Confidential)
  • Meets legal and evidential requirements for eDiscovery, spoliation, identification and preservation.
  • Meets business and regulatory requirements for digital signatures, digital records, and integrity.

What Value will the integration of Digiprove into our solution bring?

  • It enables your software solution stand out from the competition by ticking all the boxes above.
  • It enables trust and confidence for all stakeholders in the digital content integrity, its provenance is assured and any tampering identified.
  • It secures the evidential value of digital content for business decisions and for any 3rd party investigation (which may include eDiscovery).
  • It will enable compliance with 3rd Party requirements, such as regulators, government & auditors.
  • It will differentiate your software solution.

How does Digiprove achieve this? And what is Digiprove’s evidence?

Digiprove is a unique patented technology process that without the need to transmit your digital content to Digiprove, creates a unique digital fingerprint of your digital file(s), it securely registers the fingerprint with the metadata such as owner, Date, Time, Location and creates an audit trail so that should the digital content be altered in anyway it will be evident on verification. Verification can be completed on or off line or can be fully automated using a component from the Digiprove Software Developers Kit.

We already have over 10,000 users and specifically using our SDK it has been integrated into software/solutions with applications in compliance such as Financial Services, Human Resource Management, Financial and legal. In addition The Georgia Technology Institute, the world’s leading authority on Digital Security has tested and verified Digiprove’s technology and here is what they say:

“… the process described in the patent does indeed provide a tamper-proof way to show that digital data has not changed since its timestamp. The process also provides a provision to validate any alteration made after it has been time stamped… the software does faithfully implement the patented ‘Digiprove’ process providing an authenticated method for establishing proof of existence and possession of digital content of any kind.”