Scales Of Justice

The legal department is primarily concerned with conformance to the policies, procedures, regulations, codes of practice and best practices set internally and/or externally. They will be concerned with the content and accuracy of both content and records and must have high levels of confidence in the integrity of documentation and records. In addition to ensuring the overall organisation has good compliance and practice, they will be concerned with evidence in all formats so that the organisation can be protected against any form of litigation and many business risks. These departments often produce or process critical documentation and records for the organisation which have contractual and compliance obligations and therefore must have high integrity and trust.

In particular these departments have documents that go through multiple versions and reviews and having confidence in the integrity, content and time of each version is very important as is following due process. Because documentation provided by these functions can have significant impact and external evaluation the use of Digiprove can add significant value to those systems already in place. In addition it can bring additional security and confidence to move more of the content on-line and away from paper based systems which have different risks and are more costly to handle and process. Having Digiprove Autoprotect running in the background having identified sensitive content and files complements the current authoring, document and record management tools in use.

Digiprove-Signature also has significant value in enabling the organisations to accept and be confident with any digitally signed document or email whether it be by text or digitised written signature.