Digiprove Creates Digital Evidence

Protect your intellectual property

Create trust in the integrity of your data

Protect Your Legal Position

Prove your Compliance

Access it in Different Ways

Access it in Different Ways

Through the website at digiprove.com

Run in the background on your PC, Mac, or Server

Plugin to WordPress websites

Connect your App to the Digiprove API

Digiprove does not require you to upload your content so you can be sure your digital content remains confidential, though should you require it, Digiprove offers a secure cloud storage option for valuable files and content.

Digiprove is a unique & patented technology process, which has at its center our secure cloud based “Proof Engine” which is accessed through a variety of products and services. As well as creating absolute proof of the existence and provenance of digital content, it incorporates a tamper-proof audit trail.

With a few simple mouse clicks in your browser, or automatically in the background, you can obtain certification that proves possession of documents, files, and any other digital content.

Proof of Ownership

For content creators, this certificate can establish your ownership and copyright of ideas, inventions, etc. as it is the evidence that proves you were in possession of this content at a point in time.

Proof of Compliance

A corporate entity or any director or officer can use this certificate to demonstrate legal compliance of all kinds should they be required to do so. Again, this is done simply by proving the existence and content of documents at a point in time.

Proof of Sending

We can email your digital content to any 3rd party for you, certifying the date, time and content of the mail. Use this when it is important to be able to prove the content of the message. It’s also faster and easier than traditional registered mail.