Who Needs It?


Happy Business PeopleWhy Businesses Need Content Protection

As organisations move more business processes online, protecting the confidentiality and privacy of information used during these processes, as well as providing authenticity and integrity, are essential. Because many automated processes rely on electronic documents that contain sensitive information, organisations must properly protect these documents. Many information security solutions attempt to protect electronic documents only at their storage location or during transmission. However, these solutions do not provide protection for the entire lifecycle of an electronic document. When the document reaches the recipient, the protection is lost, and the document can be intentionally or unintentionally changed from its original and agreed state by recipients.

A significantly more effective solution is to protect a document by assigning security parameters that travel with it. Six criteria must be met in order to provide more effective protection for an electronic document throughout its lifecycle:

1. Confidentiality

2. Authorization

3. Accountability

4. Integrity

5. Authenticity

6. Non-repudiation


Why Digiprove?

Proof of Ownership

For content creators, this certificate can establish your ownership and copyright of ideas, inventions, etc. as it is the evidence that proves you were in possession of this content at a point in time.

Proof of Compliance

A corporate entity or any director or officer can use this certificate to demonstrate legal compliance of all kinds after the fact, again simply by proving the existence and content of documents at a point in time.

Proof of Sending

We can email your digital content to any 3rd party for you, certifying the date, time and content of the mail. Use this when it is important to be able to prove the content of the message. It’s also faster and easier than traditional registered mail.