Why Digiprove?

To have certainty that any content has not changed since certification date, useful e.g. in:

  • Proving compliance
  • Creating evidence for potential legal examination
  • Proving copyright
  • Establishing trust in content being viewed or disseminated

Threat detection
Automatically detect if content changed outside permitted channels

  • Early alarm for attempted fraud
  • Early alarm for data corruption

Trusted Digital Content: – Digiprove provide users with solutions that protect the authenticity & integrity of digital content and create tamper proof evidence and audit trails for their digital Assets. We do this by providing a set of products and tools that leverage our patented technology “Proof Engine” which is accessed by a SaaS model by users through our web site or our products, and customer applications which have integrated web services interfaces. Whether on-line or off-line customers can have confidence their digital content/assets are protected and compliant and can move more of their business to the digital world securing content within their processes improving efficiency, effectively, productivity, reduced cost maintaining compliance with best practices and any regulatory requirements. The content always remains confidential to the user and never has to be sent to Digiprove.

Digiprove products co-exist with current software investments and do not need any modifications or replacements of current applications.

  1. Create evidence for future use of exact content, time (& location*) stamped and recorded
  2. Verify content authenticity and integrity